There’s more to guiding

19th February 2015   •  By Jomi Krobb
Jomi and Ulrica watching elephants walkking through the Makuleke camp

© Jomi Krobb

Jomi Krobb introduces four short stories about his life as a Ranger that go beyond the normal day to day guiding activities.

Working as a ranger means going into the bush with guests on a daily basis; viewing animals as well as connecting with the natural environment. Yet without guests rangers also live in the bush, which means constant exposure to the surrounding environment. In my case this means living in Marakele National Park, specifically on Marataba game reserve, which is a private concession on the national park.

Living here has been quite the experience and I would like to share four short stories about living in the bush in recent months, which has not been a part of the regular game drives with guests.

Short stories

Seeing my first pangolin

Raising swallow chicks with an I-phone

Catch and release of mfezi

Still to come

Releasing two cheetahs at Marataba


Prior to working at Marataba Safari Lodge Jomi attended the professional safari guide course.