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James Bailey working at his makeshift desk outside his tent at Makuleke, Kriger National Park

Guest blogging guidelines

We are on the lookout for people to share their passion for the African savanna through the Fascinating Africa blog. If you have a story to tell, a wonderful experience to share or some advice and tips to pass on then please email your blog submission to

To improve your chances of being published please follow these guidelines before submitting your article:

  1. A chatty style works best, Fascinating Africa is a relaxed and informal website so no need for business speak.
  2. The content must be your own original work which is not to be published elsewhere. This is because the Google robots will penalise our website for featuring duplicate content.
  3. Make sure your blog gets read. Give it a snappy title of no more than seven words. This is very important for attracting readers through social media.
  4. Include at least one photograph, the more unusual the better – readers love a cute or interesting picture. Please provide the name of who should be credited. Images should be resized to a width of 800 pixels. This can be done at
  5. Choose a subject that you can write expertly or enthusiastically on. Please don’t view the piece as an opportunity to sell your product. Readers will soon spot a piece of advertorial and will stop reading immediately.
  6. The topic of blog is up to you. Choose which category you are writing for, the Fascinating Africa blog is divided as follows: News, Photography and Art, Reviews, Ranger Stories, Safari Skills and Wildlife.
  7. There are many different styles that you can write in. You may wish to:
    • do a photo blog which goes heavy on the pictures but light on the words.
    • share your emotions by recounting a personal story
    • be thought provoking with an opinion piece
    • be topical by commenting on the current news agenda
    • share your expertise with five top tips or a list of facts
    • write a review of a product or course
  8. Please don’t be offended if we tweak your words. This will never be to change the meaning of your piece, it will be simply be regarding tone of voice and flow. We may also add internal links to relevant pages. For example if you mention an animal in the blog we may link to that species page.
  9. All blog articles published will link back to your dedicated profile page on the Fascinating Africa website, this will include a link to your own website. Please don’t include external links in your submission.

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