My first pangolin

19th February 2015   •  By Jomi Krobb
Up close photograph of a pangolin

© Jomi Krobb

Safari guide, Jomi Krobb shares his first time excitement of seeing a pangolin whilst working as a Ranger at Marataba Safari Lodge

My accommodation is roughly a fifteen minute drive from the lodge. The main road within the reserve links the two. The people living at this accommodation drive along this road twice, sometimes four times a day.

Sometimes we see things along this road: elephants, rhino and even the odd lion. However, nothing prepared me for what I was going to see on my first day back from leave.

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I was driving back reasonably late in the evening when I saw eyes low to the ground on the road. Expecting something like a genet or civet I couldn’t believe what I saw when I approached closer. Scales.

There, walking down the main road, was a pangolin, a fabled creature that resembles a prehistoric dinosaur, something that most people will never see in their life. I had never even seen a track of one.

My excitement got the better of me: I stopped the vehicle and jumped off, getting my friend to hold a light so I could get a picture up close. The pangolin curled up into a protective ball when I approached so I took a picture and went to sit back in the vehicle. It then relaxed and started feeding.

We left it after a short while. I don’t think I have ever been as excited to see an animal before. It was pitch dark so this is the only decent picture I got of it, feeding, from behind.


Prior to working at Marataba Safari Lodge Jomi attended the professional safari guide course.

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