The shock tactics returned

3rd December 2013

Monday 25th November 2013

A month until Christmas Day. It doesn’t feel anything like that out here in the African heat. No doubt it will be feeling a million times more Christmassy back home with the ice rinks, lights and adverts in full swing.

Less jovial was day three of wilderness medicine. The shock tactics returned today with some unspeakable images.

It really doesn’t seem appropriate to be viewing them but if it helps us prepare for emergency situations and also keeps us from becoming complacent then fair enough.

However, a minority of the group seemed to be a little too interested for my liking.

Exams tomorrow and Thursday so revision was a priority although after three hours as well as the emotionally draining lecture I was in need of some exercise and then a few beers.

Before dinner we had the draw for our assessment drives. I was first out of the hat which meant I was first to go, not first to choose.

Luckily Cliff wanted that slot so I swapped and I’ll be now going the next day, Friday PM. It gives me an extra 24hrs but it’s on my duty day which isn’t great.