The afternoon was laid back

15th June 2014

Sunday 8th June 2014

Didn’t feel too bushed today after our sleep out but I’m sure it’s going to catch up with me soon. There was not much chance for rest, well not straight away as there were chores that needed doing before the ARH (Advanced Rifle Handling) students arrive tomorrow. We all got stuck in and they were done in no time at all.

This afternoon was pretty laid back, I ran with Hine but we called it after only seven ks which was a little weak. After which we walked the Fever Tree Forest, Hine and Max up front with me as the loan participant. This meant that I trailed behind taking photographs. I’ve not long left now so I need to get as many in the bag as possible.

Jomi picked us up from Hlangaluwe Pan, he came with a cool box so he was very welcome. Back at camp we sat around the fire and had a few beers with the ARH instructor, Steve Roskelly.