Learning from mistakes

16th June 2014

Monday 9th June 2014

Someone had to show Max the rubbish run this morning. I put my hand up as everyone else was going to Banini for some birding, this had Hein’s name written all over it, he’d enjoy it far more than I would.

It did mean a little lie in, well to about 06.15, still that’s quite a bonus around here. Apparently you learn from yours and other people’s mistakes. I therefore gave Max a very good lesson of how to do the rubbish run, or not as the case may be. First of all I forgot the jerry cans for the diesel and petrol. Then despite parking next to the Post Office for ten minutes whilst we checked our emails I forgot to check the PO Box.

That afternoon Max, Hein and myself walked from Mr BB up the drainage line to set my camera trap up in the usual place. I’m not sure how I managed it but I walked the wrong drainage line again. At this point I had a sense of humour failure, we did find the right place to set up the camera trap, actually an excellent location. Hopefully it will yield some good results to make the loss of face worthwhile.