Six hours chasing birds around Makuleke

16th March 2014

Thursday 20th February 2014

Because my bird skills are hopeless I’m trying to do as many of the birding week activities as I possibly can. This meant getting up at 03.30 to take the morning drive, this was that little bit earlier to ensure we didn’t miss the dawn chorus. I do want to get good at the birds but I don’t have what it takes to be an expert.

We spent almost six hours chasing birds around Makuleke, I probably would have enjoyed it more if I wasn’t driving and having to stop, start, back up, go slower, go faster etc. In fact the best part was when we were out of the vehicle and enjoying the spectacular view over Langer Gorge with a cup of tea, a muffin whilst watching one of the concession specials, the Verraux’s Eagle which was sat on a kill.

It was then up to the Outpost to meet Carra who gave me a lift to my cousins in Joburg, driving her car for the last leg of the journey felt weird. It was like a little toy car compared to the big bulk Landy at camp. I’m now on leave and looking forward to seeing family and my trip to Newlands to watch the cricket and rugby.