I radioed it in with confidence

15th March 2014

Wednesday 19th February 2014

The trip to the rubbish dump was made more interesting with a big bull elephant standing by the road just ten minutes out of camp. He was a bit moody to begin with but soon settled back to feeding. It was probably the same one that was outside of our tent last night, not that I noticed, I must have been sleeping soundly.

I made the final arrangements with Cara over the two way radio for my trip to Joburg. We leave tomorrow so I was glad I’d packed last night, today is a busy one with lots of errands to run.

The afternoon game drive was a success. The focus was still on birds but we did see a leopard to add the mammal factor. At the Luvuvuh bridge we saw one of the concession’s specials, a Pel’s fishing owl. I’m still not there yet with my birds to understand why people got so excited by it. However, I radioed it in with the confidence of somebody that knew exactly what they were looking at.