Organising via the radio is very quaint

14th March 2014

Tuesday 18th February 2014

Walking as Back-up on a birding walk isn’t too taxing, in an hour and a half we covered barley a kilometre so the opportunity for bumping anything was limited but not impossible.

Whilst we were out and about Cara from The Outpost (a guide from one of the lodges at Makuleke) called me over the radio to start organising the trip to Joburg on Friday. I’d heard she was going on leave at a similar time to me and jumped at the chance of hitching a lift. I’d originally planned on hiring a car but Avis were being completely rubbish and hadn’t even responded to my enquiry. Organising things over the radio was very quaint, it reminded me of an 80’s TV series, “The Flying Doctors”.

Rather than going on the afternoon drive I stayed back at camp to study and I excitedly packed for Friday. I’ve been in the bush for seven weeks now and whilst it’s amazing I’m looking forward to a hot shower, pizza, very cold beer and seeing family.