Normal elephants at last

5th October 2013

Friday 4th October 2013

After a month at Selati where the elephants are very wary and as a result aggressive it’s been an absolute pleasure to get so close to the eles at Karongwe.

We waked into the eles on our bush walk this morning but kept out distance as the visibility was really poor, they were feeding in the river rushes.

Then on the afternoon game drive we went after them again and parked up ahead of them so they would simply walk around us.

One experience that will stay with me for life is when an Ele shook and shook a huge tree before simply pushing it over just so the babies could feed.

I’m one hundred percent happy with the eles as they’ve cut off the camps water supply so no shower today.

Loving the hippos here, not just because they’re amazing animals but because I get to play around with a new type if dung.

Excitement in the camp tonight, we’re off to a bush bar tomorrow to watch the rugby, make use of the pool and by the sounds of it have a big party.