An electric kettle is a real luxury

16th November 2013

Sunday 3rd November 2013

Despite having the chance of a lie in most of the camp were up and about by 05.30. There wasn’t much to do and our hire car wasn’t being dropped of until ten so it was complete downtime.

Everybody was heading in different directions, some going to Selati to do a weeks survival course, others traveling, the rest back to see their families.

Ben, Ulrica and I are going to be spending the week at a chalet in Swaidini which is a resort. We don’t have any grand plans, just study, exercise and something a bit different like horse riding.

Driving there Ulrica suddenly asked Ben, will people think that James is our dad?

The resort is a bit dated but great, especially when you’re used to bush life! Running water, electricity on demand, an electric kettle, a firm bed and black out curtains are real luxuries.

Running was also a real pleasure, I got to explore beyond running circles in the camp although it meant I didn’t have my water handy which I’d been getting used to. The view of the river was fantastic and a great place to use as a base for press ups etc.