Sundowners on pride rock

15th November 2013

Saturday 2nd November 2013

Relaxed day with a morning game drive to see if we could find anymore birds to add our species list for the week. We finished with 115 which is fairly impressive.

After yesterday’s test it dawned on me that we can now identify between 70 and 80 birds by both sight and ear. Not bad considering we started from virtually zero two months ago. Saying that identifying them in the field is quite different to the classroom.

Some went into town whilst a few of us stayed on reserve and did a wood run, cleaned the Landy and then packed for our departure tomorrow.

Took the air rifle into the river bed and did some target practice. Obviously very different to the high calibre rifles that we’ll be using when we do our ‘trails guide’ qualification but anything to improve accuracy is a great help.

Very short game drive in the evening, not worth recording in our log books but still enjoyable. The main purpose of the excursion were sundowners on Pride Rock.