A little bit about Makuleke

28th February 2014

I’ve been incredibly lucky over the years to work at some of the world’s best known tourist attractions – ZSL London Zoo, the Natural History Museum and the Science Museum. My new role as “Back-Up Rifle” is certainly no exception as I’ll be working in the Kruger National Park.

I’ll be working in the best part of Kruger, Makuleke. Situated in the Pafuri Triangle the concession borders Zimbabwe to the North and Mozambique to the North East. The 20,000 hectares is a true wilderness area.

“The majority of game reserves have become well known for exceptional game-viewing, opulent luxury and romantic sunsets.

Unfortunately negative impacts go hand in hand with the above. Synonymous with this development are high vehicle densities, a very busy radio and a race to see as many animals as possible in the shortest space of time. This is not dissimilar to the hustle and bustle of the urban environment people are trying to escape from.

Makuleke is truly one of very few remaining wilderness-bastions where the pace of life is still naturally intact and warrants preservation.

Despite the faunal and floral diversity of Makuleke, it’s most valuable and sought after commodity is space and solitude, peace and quiet.

Welcome to one of the most spectacular concessions in South Africa”



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