The course ended with “fines”

27th February 2014

Monday 3rd February 2014

We all scored a sleep in with the rain coming down hard. This meant no activities until the afternoon and allowed me to start light “Back-up rifle” duties, the stripping down and cleaning of two rifles. I was very pleased with the job I did, that was until I was until I found a part of the second rifle on the table. This is ok when you’re building IKEA furniture but not when you’re reassembling a rifle.

Cliff and I carried on with our preparations for fines night, it was key that the “charges” were edgy but not offensive. Cliff is a comedy genius so this wasn’t a problem. The rest of the day was taken up with some road repairs and then a final fitness session with the regulars.

Fines night was a great success, everyone took their punishment in good spirit. Even those that thought it was disgusting to have to drink from a dirty old boot still stepped up and took their medicine. Throughout the course Bruce has awarded those that forget anything with a token necklace to wear. The recipient keeps this for an undisclosed amount of time, whether it be forgetting your rifle, teaspoons or hot water. We got our own back by awarding Bruce with a stick on a piece of string to mark the time he forgot his walking stick. The evening finished with “Cockerel of the month” being awarded to Rom.