Why become a Safari Guide?

23rd April 2015

Safari guide students looking at elephants on a walking safari

It is indeed a privileged occupation

The supplier of our professional safari guide course writes about the many reasons to become a safari guide.

Your office will be the African wild outdoors, your meetings will consist of encounters with animals of all size and shape. Your job description is one of many valuable roles! A guide, teacher, friend, game warden, doctor, storyteller and sometimes even a cook for your guests, each day is never quite the same!

And each day in the bush is a surprise as the interactions between animals provide unique experiences that both you and your guests learn from.

Add to this, getting to know interesting people from all over the globe keeps you tuned into the world at large.

What is a Safari Guide?

You make a living by taking people out into the wilds of Africa, to work outdoors and to be the ambassador of Africa’s wildlife!

Sitting around the warm flickering flames of a campfire each evening savouring the smell of wood smoke, forming friendships with guests and guides alike.

Your guests have great expectations of their brief interval in Africa’s wilderness. You hold in your hands the realisation of their dreams of Africa’s wild.

Field Guiding is about the genuine enjoyment of people and an honest appreciation of, and dedication to, all the many faces nature has to offer us.

It is indeed a privileged occupation!

Safari guide student looking over wilderness

What will you do?

A Safari Guide walks and drives guests into the game reserves to teach them, in an inspiring and hands-on manner, about the large and small elements of the wildlife around them all the while instilling in them a deep appreciation of nature and conservation.

As a Safari Guide, you would be responsible for managing up, close and personal encounters with Africa’s big five on foot or in the vehicle, ensuring your guests enjoy a thrilling closeness to the game yet with the necessary caution taken.

Get involved

This is part two of a three part series, read the other two here: Life skills gained as a guide and Training as a safari guide. To really understand what it means to be a safari guide and how to become one please check out our comprehensive post of the definitive guide to guiding.

If you are interested then find out more about the professional safari guide course or email fascinatingafrica@outlook.com.