We’ve arrived in a truly wild and magical camp

15th December 2013

Monday 9th December 2013

We’d been told to prepare ourselves for Ecotraining’s camp in Botswana.

And on our arrival yesterday we were not let down, it was better than one could imagine, the place is truly wild.

To reach camp we had to drive through a herd of about 100 elephants.

The camp itself is set in woodland on a floodplain and is incredibly rustic, the paths are not much more than game trails and a good torch is going to be invaluable in navigating the 175 yards back to my tent.

Last night we sat in the vast dry river bed with some beers and watched a family of jackals making there way up and down. It had to be one of my best moments so far, I think because of the sheer wildness of the location.

We were joined by the other half of the group today as well as our instructors. It was good to see everyone but the extra people did fill our wilderness camp to bursting.

Once everyone was settled in and after the safety briefing had been interrupted by a herd of eles walking along the riverbed we had our first lecture.

Crossing the border from South Africa into Botswana including the no mans land of the Limpopo river