We’re starting to cry wolf

11th November 2013

Tuesday 29th October 2013

Back to birding today with a bush walk first thing and a drive in the afternoon. The result of which was a tally of 89 birds for the week so far.

If I take a snooze during the day I need my headphones in and some music on. If not I just can’t switch off trying to ID all the different bird calls.

There’s been some tension brewing in camp for sometime now and it came to a head today. Unfortunately one of the guys has decided to call it a day and will be leaving the course tomorrow.

After two months in the bush we now think its appropriate to cry wolf and scare each other by pretending to be wild animals and creeping up in the dark….Clifford and I set Ben up with a whole hyena story and then squeal from behind the tent. He must have jumped ten foot. (Damn, Ben just got me back!)