We’re not alone

5th September 2013

Thursday 5th September 2013

Felt pretty tired today, this wasn’t a result of the early rise, but more down to a full bladder keeping me a wake. I promised myself this morning that I’ll man up tonight and answer natures call when I have to.

The day was pretty overwhelming, so much information to take in and I still haven’t written up all my notes from this morning’s game drive nor from the afternoon bush walk.

This morning we concentrated on pre-drive briefings and tracking, the latter covered everything from measuring the size of the animal’s stride to pulling dung apart.

After the day’s lecture our group of eight headed out on a bush walk, we hadn’t left camp when we found the pug marks of a large male leopard that had walked through camp during the night. My plan of manning up is no more, I’m taking an empty bottle to bed.

Lots of tracking and tree identification on the walk as well as a competitive game of see how far you can spit the wildebeest poo.

Today was a fairly typical day, this is what it looked like:
0500 – wake up
0530 – tea and rusks
0600 – morning game drive
1000 – fitness
1030 – breakfast
1100 – shower & time off
1200 – lecture
1330 – time off
1400 – lunch
1500 – study
1600 – bush walk
1800 – time off
1830 – study
1920 – dinner
2030 – back to the tent
2130 – bed