We see a big male lion

18th September 2013

The exam done and dusted by 9 am so we had the rest of the day at a relaxed pace.

We tried playing rounders/ baseball but that was a disaster as no one good agree the rules and I could see the potential for a Lord of the flies style melt down.

Started preparing for Fridays presentation which again was relaxed, it was more about sitting in the sun and watching the nyala.

Tonight’s game drive was pretty special. We were having sundowners in the middle of a clearing knowing that the male lion was close by. He was, we heard him, he couldn’t have been much further than 500m away.

All into the Landy and off on his trail.

With the help of the LEO guys we tracked him down to a water hole where we watched him drinking, such an amazing sight.

When he left and followed him down the road at a trot. He had just one thing on his mind, to find a lady.

We lost him again but Margaux had a hunch where he would turn up and before too much of a wait he came from behind almost circling the vehicle. He’s a big lad which made for quite a sobering experience ahead of tomorrow night’s sleep out.

Stopped off to tip one of the anti poaching guys off that the lion was just down the road. He seemed fairly non fussed so we left him and his semi automatic rifle to carry on patrolling.

Two more really good spots on the way home, a big five x 2.5 and a civet. Add those to the dwarf mongoose and it made for a great drive.