Two thirds of the way through

26th March 2014

Wednesday 12th March 2014

In order for Mum and Dad to get a good start for their long drive back to Joburg we went for a short drive in the morning. We didn’t skimp on the drive though and managed the best part of three hours. We had a good view of a buffalo bull at Mr BB (Big Baobab) when a sighting of a bull elephant came through on the radio. It was far away but we still thought it worthwhile to give it a go. We had no luck despite sweeping the area a couple of times.

We took our morning break on the hill overlooking the Limpopo, this certainly beats any of the coffee shops back in the UK. Once back we took an early breakfast for just the three of us and then I drove them up to the main road beyond the detour. It was hard saying goodbye but the fact that I’ll be back home in just over four months made it easier. Wow, I’m two thirds through the year already.

It’s been great having my folks here, its great that they know where I am, what I’m doing and how much I’m enjoying it. They totally understand my infatuation in the African bush.

It was stinking hot today, 34 degrees in the shade. Despite telling Mum and Dad to drink plenty of water I didn’t follow suit and spent the rest of the day struggling, I managed to complete near dehydration with fitness followed by a quick dash to the tar road to pick up a package in the hot sun and then heading out with Jomi to pick up the walkers.

We’re currently on alert for flooding and an evacuation plan for camp is in place, this can all happen pretty quickly so not a lot to prepare other than locating the sleeping mats etc.