Today’s lecture was a sobering affair

18th February 2014

Friday 24th January 2014

The heat and humidity made our five hour walk this morning gruelling. Not even half way through at 07.00 it must have been pushing 30 degrees. Once back at camp there was no time for rest as Ben and I were on duty and once breakfast was cleared we had lectures.

Today’s lecture was a sobering affair. First it concentrated on crime scene management – what do you do if you come across a rhino that has been shot and its horn hacked off. Then it focused on incident management, this time, what do you do if you have to shoot an animal. Every now and again there are moments like this that reminds you that bad stuff can happen and its important that you don’t fall into the trap of thinking, “that will never happen to me”.

After an intense cross fit session in the car park I was relieved that the afternoon walk wouldn’t be happening and instead be going to Langer gauge.

It was a long drive, about an hour, but it was worth it with spectacular views and a couple of beers. This was a nice break. Then it was back to Camp where Ben and I had to braai in the sweltering heat.