They had something to tell me

27th June 2014

Crested barbet

Saturday 21st June 2014

No walk for me this morning, instead I was back at camp washing my socks and jocks in the sink. Not quite as glamorous as one would imagine this safari guide life. Still it wasn’t all mundane. Once I’d finished the camp chores I made myself a cuppa, fetched my camera and book before pulling up a chair at the bird bath. This really isn’t a job, it’s a lifestyle, a good one at that.

My most important task of the morning was to listen out for the radio as the guys needed picking up. When this came I had to take the Quantum (the minibus) as “Tambokie”, the Landy, was still not playing ball. It was quite surreal driving through the bush in a little bus with a proper stereo.

I picked the guys up who, judging by their faces they had something to tell me. From all accounts it sounded quite a hair raising experience with a breeding herd of elephants stampeding towards them. Jomi’s account in this guest blog.