The second encounter was unexpected

1st June 2014

Loan buffalo bull

Sunday 25th May 2014

The leopard calling last night was joined by a second, one faraway, the second very close. To confirm the latter there were lots of tracks along Luvuvue west and its access road to the airstrip, a female.

No epic encounters on this mornings walk but it was a good one nonetheless. We walked two areas in search of buffalo, picking up a small breeding herd in the tall grasses at what was our last chance saloon, Jachchacha.

The early mornings and long days are beginning to catch up with me. I was dropping off as we made our way back from the morning walk. I really struggled on our final approach to camp when we stopped on the riverside to look at the kingfishers and crocodiles. The problem here is they do very little other than sit there. Luckily there was a water monitor who was quite active, therefore able to keep my eyes moving.

Prior to leaving for the afternoon walk we had a very productive walk down to the river behind camp. This brought two encounters, the first with two ele bulls that we expected, indeed the reason for the walk. The second was an encounter with two buffalo bulls, very unexpected. This caused a quick retreat back to camp after one of them came up the bank and starred us down at 15m.

We walked Mpimbi this afternoon, it was fantastic walking in the fever tree belt on the banks of the Limpopo at that time if the day, the sun catches the trees perfectly.

We had a couple of hyena on the drive back, or at least they showed us their hindquarters, other than that they were not cooperating. Still no luck with the leopard, would have liked to show this group one. Maybe tomorrow, maybe even leopard on foot.