The SAFFAS and the English language

13th November 2013

Thursday 31st October 2013

Apologies to Ben for sleeping through the storm last night whilst he was running round shutting flaps and brining in the washing.

Duty team had a nightmare by sleeping in which meant the whole camp was in disarray. They are now on wake up for the rest of the week as punishment.

It seems to be snake season, saw snake tracks in the sand last night, a boomslang on the drive this morning and then a snake skin on the bathroom floor this afternoon.

The English had one corner of the camp fire this evening and the South Africans the other as we discussed their use of the English language. The phrases in question were the non sensical use of ‘is it’ and ‘as well’.

Flood warning in Johannesburg apparently and a big thunder storm building up around us now.