The rutting of wildebeest

8th May 2015   •  By Michael Anderson
Blue wilderbeest

© Michael Anderson

Michael Anderson shares some stunning images of two blue wildebeest bulls rutting.

These Blue Wildebeest, usually portrayed as quite a gregarious antelope, have a different side, one rarely seen.  Here in South Africa, fences around National Parks, Reserves and implementation of permanent waterholes, mean Wildebeest do not migrate as in East Africa.

Around this time of year, early to mid April, Blue Wildebeest are coming into the ‘Rutting’ season.  All the bigger, more dominant males are trying to establish the best territories around waterholes, where females are most likely to spend time, in order to improve their mating chances.  As we rounded a bend in the road we surprised a pair of bulls, who were in full fight, taking just a moment to glance at us, before lunging into each other again!  The clashing of their horns a sharp contrast the serenity of the veld.

The animal on the left appeared more dominant, rushing in again and again, and eventually sending his opponent in a cloud of dust disappearing into the brush!  With any luck, the victor will be back and have a chance to mate with females that move into his territory, and in a little over eight months, the height of spring, the calving will begin.”

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