The man wearing a parrot to the shops

12th November 2013

Wednesday 30th October 2013

The chap that was going to leave the course is going to give it another go which is good for him and I’m glad he slept on it.

After lectures today five of us headed into town for messages. Mine was to rebook my driving theory test which I managed to do for next week.

The whole thing is a real pain and there appears to be no such thing as booking via the website. Despite only taking the test a month ago they had to test my eye sight again.

Seen as we were in town we had to have the obligatory pizza and beer at Sleepers then it was a dash back to make the afternoon game drive. We would have made it if we weren’t stopped by the police.

Graham who is fluent in Shanghan was able to charm and talk the policeman round from giving us a fine for having the car overloaded, Marnus was in the boot.

It seems daft that you can’t have one person in the boot of a big 4×4 but you can have nine standing in the back of a pickup!

Having missed the game drive Cliff and I went to work finishing off our path which we decided to make the other day with the help of Ryan. Once that was done it was fitness to work off the Sleepers lunch.

Only in Hoedspruit a man wearing a parrot to the shops.