The inaugural ‘Makuleke half’

16th February 2014

Wednesday 22nd January 2014

A day off today so we slept in until 06.30, we could have slept longer if Cliff and I hadn’t suggested that we stage the inaugural ‘Makuleke half marathon’. We had a good turn out with five people doing the half, two or three the 10k and some others ran a few laps for fun.

We were quite professional in our organisation with the start being signalled by the primer of a bullet being struck. Big Cliff was race adjudicator and ticked off each persons laps as they were completed. Despite the early start I enjoyed the race, we were running in Kruger National Park and not many people get to do that.

We slightly overestimated the length of the firebreak, this meant that the total distance was 19.11km, not a full half. Cliff won with a time of 1 hr 37 minutes, I couldn’t keep up and came in a couple of minutes later.

After this energetic start to our day off we relaxed properly and went to the Pafuri Tented Camp and had beer and pizza by the pool with some sport in the background on the tele.