The final part of the jigsaw

8th December 2013

Saturday 30th November 2013

Things have changed since arriving in the bush, my tolerance to alcohol being one. Despite only having a handful of celebratory beers last night I felt rough.

Today it was tent mate Ben’s drive. He’d put a lot of work into his preparations and his tree knowledge is really good so he was always going to do well. At the coffee break with one hour to go it was just a case of keep it going, keep it safe and you’ve passed…and he did.

The rest of the day was as normal split between studies and fitness which was then followed by going on a colleagues assessment drive. Before we left I was absorbed in my books so it was a bit of a rush and I couldn’t find my hat. I paid for that later as the sun was blazing and I spent the rest of the day feeling rough.

After dinner it was down to the river bed one by one to point out key stars and constellations with the laser pen, the final part in the jigsaw of becoming a level one field guide.