Sundowners long after the sunset

17th July 2014
Morning wake up exercises with the children from the Children in the Wilderness programme.

© Janet Wilkinson

Monday 14th July 2014

The final day of the “Children in the Wilderness” trail started with a quiz which I had to mark. This I didn’t find easy, whilst some aced it others struggled and I’m too soft to mark too harshly. Anyhow when somebody answers that warthog sleep in the bushveld, technically they’re right. Once the quiz was over and the girls had all been given certificates for participation it was time for goodbye. They headed off for a final game drive dropping me off at the managers house for my lift back to EcoTraining. I’ve really enjoyed the last three days, the time I spent with the children gave me a real buzz and I’d love to do it all over again.

Once back at EcoTraining it was time to meet the students/guests on the EcoTraining course. Theres twelve in all and from first impressions they all seem like a sound bunch. There wasn’t too much of chance to sit back and relax, instead it was straight into chores, first sorting out the drinks fridge and then painting a bathroom.

After lunch it was a lecture on conservation. I say lecture, it was more of a debate on the legalisation of rhino horn trade. I must admit that prior to this I was anti trade but there was a very compelling case for, also what have we got to lose? If things carry on the way they are rhinos will be extinct in the wild within twenty years.

The debate went on and on so we had little time for an afternoon activity. In the end we went out for a short game drive along Middle Road but we didn’t get far. We stopped overlooking Palm Vlei where a breeding herd of elephants were grazing in the tall grass with the fever tree forest behind them which was lit up by the golden afternoon sun. It was a scene that is typically Makuleke.

Our sundowners continued long after the sun had gone down and the elephants had moved on. There was plenty to catch up on with the boys. Hein was back after a months leave and stint at Mashatu, Nico from a previous trail has joined us as a “Back-up” and it was good to see Sean Patrick again as well as meet for the first time Brett who is instructing alongside Sean this week.