Such a stunning setting for a few beers

7th March 2014

Tuesday 11th February 2014

No walking for me today, instead it was spring cleaning. All the rubbish underneath the shed had to go to the tip. It was a case of getting down into the dirt, taking great care not to grab hold of any snakes that may have made the rubbish their home. The job wasn’t bad and a trip to the tip means ice-cream and momentary internet access to download emails. My plan was foiled when the iPad app decided to play up, this meant I could only see the emails on the web browser and therefore couldn’t take them back to camp with me.

In the afternoon we went for a bit of a “bumble” in the Landy to see what we could see. It was a relaxed game drive with us ending up sat on a kopje looking out over the flooded flood plain. It was such a stunning setting for a few beers, made even better when a bull elephant totally unaware of us wandered by feeding without a care in the world. The tranquility was only broken when a loan buffalo caught our scent and made a dash for the water.