Some gun running to do

9th June 2014

Monday 2nd June 2014

It’s not many but I think two gins are too much for me, my head was a little cloudy this morning. It was a busy morning too as Graduation for 7d starts today, the last graduation before mine, my time in Africa is almost up.

I stayed back in camp whilst the others walked. My morning was taken up on the vehicles, general checks and cleaning them. Then there was general maintenance around the camp to have it ready for the graduation guests arriving. It’s not a big group and only Jomi’s and Brogan’s parents are coming.

Rather than going out on the afternoon drive I had a bit of gun running to do. This entailed dropping a rifle up at Wilderness and returning with some rods for the drain, hardly a fair exchange. Then after a bit of self study I had the braai to do, it was chicken which is always tricky, especially when there’s so much of it, very hard to keep track of which piece has been flipped and which has been on the cooler periphery. To get me through it I had a few beers and read my book, Getaways 21 years of African travel writing.