So close to lion and leopard

18th October 2013

Friday 11th October 2013

Nothing on the camera trap this morning despite baiting it, sticking with the volley ball court path position tonight.

Hot today, 35 in the shade which made it hard to study, really hard. It’s getting close to forty tomorrow so we’re getting up at half four so we finish the morning activity before it gets stupidly hot.

We went chasing lion an leopard today, the lion we were following up on fresh tracks and the leopard was a reported sighting. We could have seen both but we had to hold back for the commercial lodges to have their viewing first. By the time it got to us they’d lost visual.

We didn’t give up on the leopard and searched high and low for it in the thick bush. A rough drive through sickle bushes, zebra wood and buffalo thorn galore but all to no avail. Group A on the other hand decided to head back to camp and saw it crossing the road, eight leopards to our zero!