Showing Johnny and Emma around

18th March 2014

Tuesday 4th March 2014

Johnny, Emma and I made an early start from the guest house next to Joburg airport for our seven hour drive to Makuleke. The weather really was rotten, the rain was hammering down which made our start somewhat tentative. On the way we made meticulous notes of way markers and service stations so that when Mum and Dad follow a week later the journey will be that little bit easier.

As we got nearer Kruger’s Pafuri gate I was clearly getting very excited. Excited about getting back to the bush and all it stands for but most of all about showing it off to Johnny and Emma for the next four days.

We made good time and were all unloaded and waiting for Wien at the gate when he arrived. There was a marked change in the weather thank goodness, 30 degrees and very humid. It was a relief to climb into the Landy and have the wind cooling us down as we drove the 45 minutes to camp. On the way we saw an ele which was a big relief, I was worried that Johnny and Emma wouldn’t see one on their visit.

We were given a good welcome at camp and after lunch it was straight out for a drive. Just Johnny, Emma and I went out, guiding them was such an amazing thing for me to do. I felt so proud to be showing them around the bush and I’m pretty sure they had a good time, this was helped by seeing lots of buffalo and a big bull elephant.

The night sky was clear so after dinner we sat around the fire looking at the stars and chatting over a few beers.