Second leopard encounter

7th May 2014

Monday 28th April 2014

It was my turn to walk today and we really did walk, this morning we were out for five and a half hours. The highlight was definitely another leopard on foot. Although this time we didn’t see him. Johna was interpreting a tree whilst I was standing lookout, there was a loud vocalisation which I thought was just baboon.

Well that was until I saw Johna’s wide eye look at me followed by the thumbs up sign as he mouthed leopard. I’ve heard leopard many times before, exactly that call. But never have I heard it that close and that’s what confused me. Then he called again, this time it was unmistakable. It was very loud, very deep and very close. It was definitely a big male that must have been 75-100m from us up on the ridge.

Johna gave a nod, I took a big gulp and then we were off to make our approach. The wind was in our favour but it wasn’t ideal as we had to walk up a steep ridge to reach him. This definitely gave him the advantage although being so nimble he had plenty of escape routes if he felt threatened. We never saw him but we did see the likely spot where he may have been lying up. Second leopard encounter in days, I hope they continue to come thick and fast like this.