Saying goodbye to Johnny and Emma

21st March 2014

Friday 7th March 2014

Johnny and Emma’s stay came to an end this morning, they were off to stay in a luxury safari lodge in southern Kruger. So that they could get a good start for their long journey they came with me at 05.15 when I did the food run to the gate.

We arrived slightly late having stopped to watch a hyena for a while and then a big breeding herd of buffalos. Once there I loaded the trailer whilst Emma and Johnny packed the car and made ready to go. We said our goodbyes and they followed me as far as they could before I turned off to camp but not before one final goodbye. They then headed east along Pafuri Main into the morning sun.

When you say goodbye it’s always good to have a date in mind for when you’re next going to meet up. With me being here, Johnny and Emma in the Caribbean and none of the known dates working out this was not the case. If only one of us was overseas it would be much easier.

Of course it was sad to see them go, particularly not knowing when we’d next catch up. On reflection I saw the positives of us living so far apart with me doing what I’m doing. The last four days on the reserve has been so special, I’ve been giving my brother and his wife a personal tour of Kruger’s wilderness area, we’ve seen some stunning wildlife and spent so much quality time together. I’m looking forward to doing the same for Mum and Dad and I wish I could do it for my sister Emma and her family as well as my friends from back home.

Once back in camp with the food unloaded and a morning cuppa taken it was then back out into the bush. Rather than the glamour of a game drive or walk it was the back breaking job of pulling Datora.

In the afternoon the ‘Trails Guide’ students had rifle handling drills, this gave me the opportunity for self study before doing a very brisk 5k with one of the young whipper snappers, Tom.

EcoTraining, the camp management and my fellow Back-ups have been brilliant in allowing me to dedicate so much time to my special guests. Thanks so much.