Relaxed morning watching birds

21st June 2014

Blue waxbills

Sunday 15th June 2014

The ARH students left which meant that the morning was full of admin – first of all taking payment for drinks, doing a stock take and then setting up for the new course which starts this afternoon, Trails Guide. On top of this there were the usual chores plus a pick-up for Jomi and Max who were out walking with clients.

I’m not normally one to snooze during the day, choosing instead to do some study, fitness or just busy myself. However, everything was done and a recharge was in order before the next course started.

It didn’t take long before I got bored of lying on my bed, instead I filled the bath, the bird bath that is. Max and I pulled up a couple of chairs to watch the birds coming in, there was a constant parade of blue waxbills, a pair of gray go-away birds, the spectacularly decorated crested barbet and a splinter flock of Meeve’s starlings. In order to get better photos we slowly edged our seats forward inch by inch, the nimble waxbills being the least concerned.

I had to make a quick dash up to the gate, still hot and sweaty from my run as Max was having problems with Tamboki. Once the students were allocated to their tents it was briefing time on the deck. Alan (MacSmith) gave this in his usual style, he’s got such a way with words that you can’t help but to be inspired about being here in Makuleke. The last truly wild place left in this country as he describes it. He tells the students that he regards the bush as the safest place in the world, that is until you hear a human voice, thats when things tend to go wrong.