Rangers, preparing for the worst – Video

1st April 2015

A video produced by the Honorary Rangers of SAN Parks (South African National Parks) highlighting the training and work carried out by the Field Rangers of South Africa. The rangers are put through intensive training camps to check their mental toughness and leadership qualities. Being given only a couple of hours sleep at a time and covering over 180 km on foot in a typical week they are made battle ready. Combat is well and truly on the agenda as their chances of walking into an armed contact range between 47% and 67%. This is up from 2% 21 years ago.

Get involved

The Honorary Rangers of SAN Parks are raising funds to equip their field rangers and dedicated counter poaching teams with the necessary equipment to stop poachers.  100% of the money donated will be used to buy equipment such as night vision goggles, back packs, radio equipment, binoculars, tents and GPS receivers. To donate please visit the Unite Against Poaching website.