Productive when home alone

31st March 2014

Monday 17th March 2014

The students had an day off with the majority of them going to the nearest town (two hours away). Bruce and Dee were also away for the day and whilst they were gone I wanted to be productive with my time- I didn’t want to be left a prescriptive list of what needs to be done the next time they left us home alone.

I got on with the general chores around camp as well as ticking off a few of the bigger jobs that needed doing. It was then a case of getting stuck into my studies, some photography around camp and a bit of fitness, the latter being a struggle after the red wine the night before.

Whilst a few of us were out for sundowners Jack and Michelle had the best seats in the house from their deck. They watched a 2m long black mamba raiding a squirrels nest. The squirrel escaped but only to be pounced on and killed by a genet.