Passed my assessment drive

7th November 2013

Friday 25th October 2013

Today was our Ecotraining assessment drive which didn’t get off to a good start, there was no coffee or rusks. I think you lose marks for that, not that it’s our fault.

The drive itself went well, really well and I loved taking people out. I had so much to talk about, I stopped three times before leaving the turning circle.

I got so into the whole guiding experience I even tried to communicate with a bird by whistling its favourite tune in front of a truck full of nine passengers.

I took the drive for the first hour and a half and then handed over to Ben to finish. We both got really good feedback and are now confident that we’ll pass the FAGASA assessment when the time comes.

I spent most of the day in bed resting up my neck, it’s a real pain not being able to carry on as normal but cool looking at all the animals walking by.

Caroline said she’d spotted a black mamba up in the turning circle so Ben and I went to take a look. We found nothing so headed back, on the way we got a shock when we spooked a boomslang that was sunning itself by the path. It moved like lightening up into the tree.

Writing this outside the tent but quickly moved inside when I heard an animal making quite a scary noise in the bushes.