Off to bed nice and full

19th June 2014

Car park at the Makuleke camp

Friday 13th June 2014

The food run wasn’t too onerous, the hardest part was getting Hein out of bed, he needed a lift to the gate as he went on leave today. The rush to get there for six was unnecessary, the grocer was late which this gave me plenty of time to sit back and scribble things in my notebook. Nothing other than the two way radio to listen to so my morning soundtrack was listening to Benda Metale, the neighbouring village, waking up – cows bells, cockerels and goats all added human habitation sounds to the African bush.

Duncan was also going on leave today, when he went Jomi and I cooked breakfast for those left in camp – bacon and scrambled eggs were all I could manage much to the amusement of Olivia the camp chef.

Jomi is heading up to the Outpost for some guiding. His last bit of advise in camp matters was that if anybody became ill I should take it seriously as Steve, a student here for Advanced Birding and Graduation had gone down with malaria.

I had some admin to do, the main part was sending the Section Ranger an email detailing yesterdays incident. Writing it out in detail made me boil up inside, I really can’t believe what happened.

We went on a bit of a wild leopard chase this evening, the impalas were alarming so we nipped out in the Landy to see what we could find. No luck but worth the try. It wasn’t the end of the world, we had burger night to go back for. I piled my bun full of all the trimmings, plenty of onions, mushrooms, cheese and salad, very filling. Off to bed content and full.