No time to eat

8th April 2014

Tuesday 25th March 2014

Today there was no chance for breakfast or lunch, instead I grabbed food whenever I could. It was a busy day right from the start with the morning being taken up by a drive to Punda Maria to pick up fuel. Now that we’ve the new Landy with doors and a roof we can drive across the bridge into the rest of Kruger, this will give us much more flexibility for game drives.

Once back to camp and unloaded it was then a dash to the bridge to meet a transfer service to swap the cook and cleaner over for the relief staff. As I was pulling back into camp day dreaming about a cuppa and a muffin I saw Steve waiting in the car park to see if I was keen for a walk. Steve is the Trails Guide who will be running the Pafuri camp where I’ll be backing up on and off over the next four months. Obviously I was keen to show him the area and spent the next fifteen minutes grabbing my gear and finding him a weapon and ammo.