Night and day with the eles

7th September 2013

5th September 2013

I had a good sleep last night but woken up at about 0330 with the snort of an elephant, a bull had come through camp and was browsing around the tents.

The day started with a four hour bush walk, no big game but plenty of time to concentrate on grasses, trees, lichens, bush craft and Stone Age tools. We spent a lot of time on tracking, in particular looking at the signs of what the bull elephant had been up to the night before.

After the days ecology lecture we headed out on a game drive, lots of tracking on foot during which we came across the spoors of four big game species all within 100m of one another. Further on down the road we found white backed vultures on a waterbuck carcass which we had a good look at, fairly fresh and stinking due to its stomach contents being spilt over the sand.

As we finished our sun downers a herd of elephants appeared at the wear, a great spectacle but made even more special by having a first timer there who was desperate to see eles.

On the way back to camp we got to see an amazing show put on by the male fireflys at our level which was complemented by an unspoilt view of the Milkyway above. A quick introduction to astronomy before heading back to camp.

A lot of study again today, cramming it in where I could although I do feel guilty by not studying after dinner, instead I had a chat by the fire before heading back to my tent to write this before I fall asleep and do it all again tomorrow.