My year as a safari guide is over

4th August 2014

Three safari guide students sit on the banks of the Limpopo River waiting for the sun to go down.

Wednesday 30th July 2014

Up first thing to clear up from the night before. Then it was my last jaunt out in the Landy up to the gate. My passengers amongst a few others were Paddy and Peter so not a bad final duty, even more so with an ele bull en-route.

Final packing and then it was into the Bush Bus for a seven hour trip to Joburg for my evening flight.

It turns of that seeing may family is worth more to me than 250 pounds, as that was the amount that I turned down to be bumped from my flight.

Once I’d managed to reduce my main bag from a whopping 43kg (three attempts) I was on my way back to where I came from, London.

Crazy that the year, eleven months to be exact, is now over. I’ve got plans for what happens next and I’m confident they’ll take me back to Africa soon but its going to be hard work.

Thanks very much to everyone for following my blog and the many words of encouragement along the way. It’s been an incredible year and the blog is going to be a great way for me to remember it by.

I’ll be continue to post every now and again so please stay tuned.

All the best,