Mock field observations started

28th September 2013

Saturday 28th September 2013

Busy busy busy – on duty tomorrow so I’m swotting up ahead of my game drive in the morning.

Then there’s the field observation tests on Tuesday so the mocks started today.

For the test we go into the bush and the instructor points something out, we then have to write down our answers, individually if course.

For example a few of the questions from today:
– What track is that and then what is its: foot structure, digestive system, gestation period, social structure?
– What is that bird call?
– What is that tree? What is the medical use of said tree and what is a cultural belief of it?
– What is that grass?
– Who left that dung?
– What disturbed that soil?
– What rock is that and what three minerals does it consist of?
– What other antelope are related that group?

This mornings mock was ok but this afternoon was a disaster, lots of silly mistakes but lessons learnt.

Field observation day in Tuesday is split into two, morning and afternoon. This works well for me as I’ll be heading into town for my drivers theory test late morning.

I’m having to study for the drivers alongside everything else so I was doing an online test at four this morning, the Internet seems to work better then.

Great afternoon drive including a really good close up view of a big five animal x 4 as one group, two adults and two juveniles.

We heard the eles tonight when we got back to camp so we may have visitors, fingers crossed I don’t bump into one when I’m up at four preparing everyone’s tea and coffee wake up.