Masterclass in the ‘lion charge’

21st December 2013

Saturday 15th December 2013

Final day of ARH so the final chance for qualification. By the end of the morning six had made it through to the ‘lion charge’.

After breakfast we took one truck back to the range which meant for a small crowd. The others had taken refuge back at camp to escape the midday heat.

Melanie, Ben, Cliff, William and Rom all nailed the ‘lion charge’ and were awarded their ARH.


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The sixth person was failed on a severe breach of rifle safety when he went to turn around with the loaded rifle.

The incident really got our adrenalin pumping. Cliff did incredibly on his ‘lion charge’ after the excitement of what had just gone before.

After the instructors gave a demonstration of how a lead rifle and back up would deal with the charge Marnis and I got to have a practice charge. No brain shot today but I did shoot the ‘lioness’ in the mouth.

The afternoon was ours – tea, cake and a game drive. The scenery was stunning and elephants were everywhere.

I hope we’re back in January for our trails course although it may be moved to Makuleke in Kruger as they’re struggling with the permits to import more rifles up to Botswana.

We’re transferred back to Joburg in the morning to begin our Christmas break