Making the most of family

27th August 2013

I’ve packed absolutely loads into my last month here in the UK. Lots of cricket matches, playing and watching including going back to one of my first places of work, Durham C C C, to watch an Ashes test match, I felt very proud.

Had a weekend away camping London style, I’m sure the next time I go I will be more suitably attired.

I’ve spent lots of time with my family including my nibblings (collective noun for nieces and nephews) as well as lots of nights out with my friends.

All of this is going to make it incredibly hard to leave at the end of the week, it certainly wasn’t easy saying goodbye to Mum and Dad at Yarm station this morning. People must have thought the goodbye was a bit over the top for someone simply catching the train to work. And on arriving at work I was reminded what a great team I have, they gave me a lovely welcome by playing the song ‘the lions sleeps tonight’ and other jungle classics