Lunch then beach cricket

27th July 2014
© Horst Kalcher

© Horst Kalcher

Wednesday 23rd July 2014

The final day of the birding course finished with the slide and sound test. I wish I’d put in more effort in during the week as I didn’t do as badly as I thought I would. Normally I put 100% into everything I do but on this occasion I psyched myself out before the week even started. It was a tough course but if I’d approached it in bite sized chunks I may have mastered it. I’d actually like to have another crack at it, if I did get the opportunity I’d start with a bird book just dedicated to the Kruger, this way it would not be as overwhelming as the SASOL Birds of Southern Africa with a mammoth 900 plus birds in it.

That was the course over, now I’ve another week in camp to sit back and relax. However, before I got too carried away I had a debrief with Alan about my “Lead Trails Guide” Assessment last week. All really useful feedback which I can apply the next time I go out walking which I hope will be soon. But it wasn’t going to be this afternoon, instead we were heading down to the Limpopo at SandPad for lunch followed by beach cricket, touch rugby, ultimate frisbee and a dip in the river.