3 of the most unbelievable videos of lions in safari camps

12th September 2020   •  By James Bailey

When you go on safari in the wilds of Africa you never know what animals you may find coming to visit you in the safari camp. In this post we have selected 3 of the best videos captured by safari trippers of when lions come into camp and make it their own for the day or night.

Lion on kill

© Ulrica Vilen-Letts

If you get the opportunity and have the stomach for it then always opt for an unfenced safari camp or go on a wild camping trail. As you’ll see from the selection of videos below you will have memories that will endure a lifetime. In my opinion the best thing anybody could do in such a situation is to keep absolutely quiet and still.

1. Lions lick water off tent window

My absolute favourite of these videos. Those inside show nowthing but absolute calmness therefore not alerting the lions to their presence. The lions simply get their thirst quenched.

2. Lions investigate occupied tents


Lions being over inquisitive on a campsite. I’m not sure the occupants would have got much sleep that night.

3. Lions feasting on a hippo kill that they made in safari camp

Shenton Safaris were jolted out of their slumber at 01:45 on Saturday morning (August 2019) to the sound of hostility and hunting in camp. 14 of the Mwamba-Kaingo pride took down a small hippo right behind chalet three and proceeded to feast through the night. Source: Shenton Safaris

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