Leap frogging out of the bushes

17th February 2014

Thursday 23rd January 2014

After a day off yesterday it was tough to get up early and start walking. We managed it but the morning walk had little energy and we took it nice and easy under a baobab tree looking over the flood plain. In the afternoon I had to switch back on as I was leading the walk.

I had a good turn out including three students from the other course so it felt like I had real clients to guide. I took them exploring in a area I hadn’t really walked before. We made it up to a really nice kopje (hill) and looked out over a flood plain, I’m considering this route for my assessment walk next week.

The walk back gave me clammy hands. Not because we had any encounters but just because I was running out of light and having to choose between long grass and thick bush. After ‘leap frogging’* out of the bushes back to the long grass we emerged at the airstrip where I’d left the vehicle. This reunion with the LandCruiser was more fluke than anything else.

*I leave the guests with the ‘back up rifle’ and walk ahead through the dodgy bushes to make sure its safe before calling them through.