Jealous of Group “A” again

23rd September 2013

Business as usual today: morning game drive, lecture, study, sports, study, bush walk and then beers around the camp fire.

If I could choose any luxury out here it would be a door for my tent.

Something that you could easily walk in and out of with the turn of a handle rather than bending down to unzip would be such a bonus. Every time I get back to my tent after dinner and bend down to unzip the opening I’m convinced that is when the leopard is going to jump on me.

Going to bed tonight jealous again of group A, they saw another leopard, a caracal, eles and giraffe on their afternoon/evening drive.

I’ve just emailed ecotraining to see if they could try and find me a placement at one of the smaller lodges which is part of the Thorny Bush Collection.